CSIR-NAL Subscribed E-Books A-Z List

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E-Book Title E-Book Authors E-Book Publisher
Thermodynamics of Solutions Ivan L. Shulgin, Eli Ruckenstein Springer
Thermoelectric Nanomaterials Kunihito Koumoto, Takao Mori Springer
Thermoelectric Power in Nanostructured Materials Kamakhya Prasad Ghatak, Sitangshu Bhattacharya Springer
Thermophilic Microbes in Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology Tulasi Satyanarayana, Jennifer Littlechild, Yutaka Kawarabayasi Springer
Thermophysical Aspects of Re-Entry Flows James N. Moss , Carl D. Scott AIAA
Thermophysics and Temperature Control of Spacecraft and Entry Vehicles Gerhard B. Heller AIAA
Thermophysics and Thermal Control Raymond Viskanta AIAA
Thermophysics of Atmospheric Entry T. E. Horton AIAA
Thermophysics of Spacecraft and Outer Planet Entry Probes Allie M. Smith AIAA
Thermophysics of Spacecraft and Planetary Bodies: Radiation Properties of Solid… Gerhard B. Heller AIAA
Thermophysics: Applications to Thermal Design of Spacecraft Jerry T. Bevans AIAA
Thermospheric Circulation Willis L Webb AIAA
Thermotropic Liquid Crystals Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy Springer
Thin Calcium Phosphate Coatings for Medical Implants Betty León, John Jansen Springer
Thin Film Metal-Oxides Shriram Ramanathan Springer
Thin Films and Heterostructures for Oxide Electronics Satischandra B. Ogale Springer
Third World Diseases Richard Elliott Springer
Thom H. Dunning, Jr. Angela K. Wilson, Kirk A. Peterson, David E. Woon Springer
Three-Dimensional Free-Radical Polymerization Gennady V. Korolev, Michael M. Mogilevich Springer
Three-Dimensional Nanoarchitectures Weilie Zhou, Zhong Lin Wang Springer
Thrust and Drag: Its Prediction and Verification William F. Kimzey, Eugene E. Covert, Eugene C. Rooney, George K. Richey , C. R. James AIAA
TiO2 Nanotube Arrays Craig A. Grimes, Gopal K. Mor Springer
Tissue Engineering I Kyongbum Lee, David Kaplan Springer
Tissue Engineering II Kyongbum Lee, David Kaplan Springer
Tissue Engineering III: Cell - Surface Interactions for Tissue Culture Cornelia Kasper, Frank Witte, Ralf Pörtner Springer
Titanium Gerd Lütjering, James C. Williams Springer
Topics in Analysis and its Applications G. A. Barsegian, H. G. W. Begehr Springer
Topics in Fluorescence Spectroscopy Chris D. Geddes, Joseph R. Lakowicz Springer
Topics in the Theory Of Chemical and Physical Systems Souad Lahmar, Jean Maruani, Stephen Wilson, Gerardo Delgado-Barrio Springer
Topics in Theoretical and Computational Nanoscience Jeffrey Michael McMahon Springer
Topological Modelling of Nanostructures and Extended Systems Ali Reza Ashrafi, Franco Cataldo, Ali Iranmanesh, Ottorino Ori Springer
Total Diet Studies Gerald G. Moy, Richard W. Vannoort Springer
Total Synthesis of (±)-Maoecrystal V Jianxian Gong Springer
Total Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Products by Palladium-Catalyzed Domino Cyc… Shinsuke Inuki Springer
Total Synthesis of Natural Products Jie Jack Li, E.J. Corey Springer
Total Synthesis of Plakortide E and Biomimetic Synthesis of Plakortone B Xiao-Yu Sun Springer
Total Synthesis of Thielocin B1 as a Protein-Protein Interaction Inhibitor of P… Kosuke Ohsawa Springer
Toward a Science of Command, Control, and Communications Carl Jones AIAA
Toward Functional Nanomaterials Zhiming M. Wang Springer
Towards Dual and Targeted Cancer Therapy with Novel Phthalocyanine-based Photos… Janet T F Lau Springer
Towards Green Lubrication in Machining Willey Liew Yun Hsien Springer
Toxicants in Aqueous Ecosystems T. R. Crompton Springer
Toxicants in Terrestrial Ecosystems T. R. Crompton Springer
Transformation and Utilization of Carbon Dioxide Bhalchandra M. Bhanage, Masahiko Arai Springer
Transforming Clothing Production into a Demand-driven, Knowledge-based, High-te… Lutz Walter, George-Alexander Kartsounis, Stefano Carosio Springer
Transition Metal Catalyzed Carbonylation Reactions Matthias Beller, Xiao-Feng Wu Springer
Transition Metal Catalyzed Enantioselective Allylic Substitution in Organic Syn… Uli Kazmaier Springer
Transition Metal Complexes of Neutral eta1-Carbon Ligands Remi Chauvin, Yves Canac Springer
Transition Metal Organometallic Chemistry Francois Mathey Springer
Transmission Electron Microscopy David B. Williams, C. Barry Carter Springer