CSIR-NAL Subscribed E-Books A-Z List

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E-Book Title E-Book Authors E-Book Publisher
Damage and Fracture of Composite Materials and Structures Mohd Nasir Tamin Springer
Data Mining in Crystallography D. W. M. Hofmann, Liudmila N. Kuleshova Springer
Defense against Bioterror Dennis Morrison, Fred Milanovich, Dmitri Ivnitski, Thomas R. Austin Springer
Deformation and Flow of Polymeric Materials Helmut Münstedt, Friedrich Rudolf Schwarzl Springer
Degradation of Implant Materials Noam Eliaz Springer
Dendrimer Catalysis Lutz H. Gade Springer
Density Functional Theory in Quantum Chemistry Takao Tsuneda Springer
Dental Ceramics Carlos P. Bergmann, Aisha Stumpf Springer
Desalination Concentrate Management Bradley Ladewig, Benjamin Asquith Springer
Design and Analysis of Materials and Engineering Structures Andreas Öchsner, Lucas F. M. Silva, Holm Altenbach Springer
Design and Applications of Nanomaterials for Sensors Jorge M. Seminario Springer
Design and Manufacturing of Active Microsystems Stephanus Büttgenbach, Arne Burisch, Jürgen Hesselbach Springer
Design and Precise Synthesis of Thermoresponsive Polyacrylamides Keita Fuchise Springer
Design Methodologies for Space Transportation Systems Walter E. Hammond AIAA
Design of Adhesive Joints Under Humid Conditions Lucas F. M. Silva, Chiaki Sato Springer
Design, Construction and Research Application of a Differential Electrochemical… Sean James Ashton Springer
Design, Synthesis and Characterization of new Supramolecular Architectures Massimo Baroncini Springer
Design, Synthesis, and Structure-Property Relationship Study of Polymer Field-E… Ting Lei Springer
Designing Receptors for the Next Generation of Biosensors Sergey A. Piletsky, Michael J. Whitcombe Springer
Detection and Disposal of Improvised Explosives Hiltmar Schubert, Andrey Kuznetsov Springer
Detection and Typing Strategies for Pathogenic Escherichia coli Lucia Rivas, Glen E. Mellor, Kari Gobius, Narelle Fegan Springer
Detection of Liquid Explosives and Flammable Agents in Connection with Terrorism Hiltmar Schubert, Andrey Kuznetsov Springer
Detonation and Two-Phase Flow S. S. Penner and F. A. Williams AIAA
Development of New Catalytic Performance of Nanoporous Metals for Organic React… Mei Yan Springer
Development of New Radical Cascades and Multi-Component Reactions Marie-Helene Larraufie Springer
Development of Novel Anti-HIV Pyrimidobenzothiazine Derivatives Tsukasa Mizuhara Springer
Development of Novel Hydrogen-Bond Donor Catalysts Tsubasa Inokuma Springer
Developments In High-Speed Vehicle Propulsion Systems S.N.B. Murthy, E. T. Curran AIAA
Device Applications of Silicon Nanocrystals and Nanostructures Nobuyoshi Koshida Springer
Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control Mogens Blanke, Michel Kinnaert, Jan Lunze, Marcel Staroswiecki Springer
Diamond and Related Nanostructures Mircea Vasile Diudea, Csaba Levente Nagy Springer
Dictionary of Ceramic Science and Engineering Ian J. McColm Springer
Dictionary of Food Ingredients Robert S. Igoe Springer
Dictionary of Weighing Terms Roland Nater, Arthur Reichmuth, Roman Schwartz, Michael Borys, Panagiotis Zervos Springer
Dielectric Properties of Isolated Clusters Sven Heiles, Rolf Schäfer Springer
Dietary Chinese Herbs Yanze Liu, Zhimin Wang, Junzeng Zhang Springer
Dietary Supplement Regulation in the United States Taylor C. Wallace, Douglas MacKay, Rend Al-Mondhiry, Haiuyen Nguyen, James C. Griffiths Springer
Differentiation of Enantiomers I Volker Schurig Springer
Differentiation of Enantiomers II Volker Schurig Springer
Dilute III-V Nitride Semiconductors and Material Systems Ayşe Erol Springer
Dilute III-V Nitride Semiconductors and Material Systems Ayşe Erol Springer
Dipolar Correlation Spectroscopy Bettina Basel Springer
Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells Horacio R. Corti, Ernesto R. Gonzalez Springer
Direct-Fed Microbials and Prebiotics for Animals Todd R. Callaway, Steven C. Ricke Springer
Directed Metallation Naoto Chatani Springer
Directory of Microbicides for the Protection of Materials Wilfried Paulus Springer
Disposable Bioreactors Regine Eibl, Dieter Eibl Springer
Disposable Bioreactors II Dieter Eibl, Regine Eibl Springer
Disruption of Protein-Protein Interfaces Stefano Mangani Springer
DNA Binders and Related Subjects Michael J. Waring, Jonathan B. Chaires Springer