Discovery Platform:

‘Shodpavan’ a single-window search platform that enables ICAST users to search seamlessly across a wide range of content.   It brings together the most comprehensive collection of content, including OPAC, Library subscribes collection, internal repositories, scholarly open access content, and metadata from STEM publishers and link resolvers to access subscribed full-text articles. The platform is empowered with intuitive search, enhanced subject precision, relevance & value ranking, and profiling functionalities that make the user experience resourceful. ‘Shodpavan’ is powered by EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS). The ‘Shodpavan’ discovery is an IP authenticated service available on all three campuses of CSIR-NAL. ‘Shodpavan’ can also be accessed from outside the CSIR-NAL IP range through an off-campus access facility.

Citation & Bibliographic Databases:

Citation & Bibliographic Databases are being primary sources for literature search; CSIR-NAL has subscribed to leading citation databases as follows:

Open Access Search Engines:

The rapid growth in scholarly open access content through its various channels is new avenue for researchers to look for literature search.   The following search platforms are evolving as major aggregators of scholarly open access content

  • BASE                                                                    
  • Science Open
  • CORE
  • DOAJ
  • ROAR