Standards are considered an important knowledge source for Research & Development (R&D) establishments. They ensure that products and services are delivered in a harmonized and consistent way. ICAST is continuously making efforts to meet the requirements of CSIR-NAL scientists and technologists engaged in developing aerospace-related products. The main focus is to bring all aerospace-related standards such as SAE, ASTM, IEEE, ARINC, RTCS, ISO, BIS, British standards, etc. Based on the requirements and usage ICAST has subscribed following standards platform and enabled access through IP authentication

  1. SAE (AS & ASM standards)
  2. ASTM
  3. IEEE

Apart from these platforms, requirements of individual standards are subscribed and delivered to concerned users. Further, you can retrieve details of purchased standards from OPAC.

The request for standards shall be mailed to shivaram[at]