CSIR guidelines for Ethics in Research and in Governance

Maintaining ethics in research and governance is of paramount importance in organizations like CSIR. This calls for the development of appropriate guidelines in the practice of science, publication of scientific/technical/biomedical data and results, making them available in the public domain and, in the administration of scientific establishments at all levels.

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Plagiarism (CSIR-Policy)

Plagiarism involves using other’s words, results, or published work without appropriate citation. This includes using one’s own published work without disclosure. An internal check by the authors using the software must be done before a paper/report is submitted for publication or distribution. The authors should provide a statement to this effect in the acknowledgment section. With the soft-wares being available for such checks for inadvertent duplication, there should be no room for accidental plagiarism.

In the CSIR system, the Library/Knowledge Resource Centre/ Standing Publications, Ethics and Scientific Vigilance Committee, or any other designated Division of each institution may be requested to provide such software, and to help with such checks for each manuscript rigorously.

CSIR-NAL Plagiarism Policy

The Plagiarism / Similarity check at CSIR-NAL is carried out by ICAST Using iThenticate, Plagiarism checking software. It is mandated for all publications (Journal/conference articles, Thesis, etc) to check for plagiarism before it is approved by the Head of the Department or DAC. The plagiarism request form is integrated with PRAKAS (an internal publication capturing and archiving system). The filters applied to generate a similarity report are as follows:


  1. Text in quotes excluded (Filter ON)
  2. Reference / Bibliography Excluded (Filter ON)
  3. Exclude matches of 14 consecutive words  (On as per UGC guidelines)

Overall Similarity shall not exceed 10% with the above filter ON

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