CSIR-NAL Subscribed E-Books A-Z List

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E-Book Title E-Book Authors E-Book Publisher
Micropropulsion for Small Spacecraft Andrew D. Ketsdever , Michael M. Micci AIAA
MicroRNA Detection and Pathological Functions Xueji Zhang, Haifeng Dong, Yaping Tian Springer
Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials 2007 A. G. Cullis, P. A. Midgley Springer
Microscopy Techniques Jens Rietdorf Springer
Microstructure and Texture in Steels Arunansu Haldar, Satyam Suwas, Debashish Bhattacharjee Springer
Microstructure, Property and Processing of Functional Ceramics Qingrui Yin, Binghe Zhu, Huarong Zeng Springer
Microstructured Polymer Optical Fibres Maryanne C. J. Large, Leon Poladian, Geoff W. Barton, Martijn A. Eijkelenborg Springer
Microsystems and Nanotechnology Zhaoying Zhou, Zhonglin Wang, Liwei Lin Springer
Microwave Methods in Organic Synthesis Mats Larhed, Kristofer Olofssonq Springer
Microwave-assisted Extraction for Bioactive Compounds Farid Chemat, Giancarlo Cravotto Springer
Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Heterocycles Erik Eycken, C. Oliver Kappe Springer
Microwave-Induced Synthesis of Aromatic Heterocycles Abdul Rauf, Nida Nayyar Farshori Springer
Minerals and Lipids Profiles in Cardiovascular Disorders in South Asia Nayab Batool Rizvi, Saeed Ahmad Nagra Springer
Misconceptions in Chemistry Hans-Dieter Barke, Al Hazari, Sileshi Yitbarek Springer
Model Systems in Catalysis Robert Rioux Springer
Modeling and Diagnostics of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells Chao-Yang Wang, Ugur Pasaogullari Springer
Modeling and Numerical Simulations Mordechay Schlesinger Springer
Modeling Chemical Systems Using Cellular Automata Lemont B. Kier, Paul G. Seybold, Chao-Kun Cheng Springer
Modeling Marvels Errol G. Lewars Springer
Modeling Nanoscale Imaging in Electron Microscopy Thomas Vogt, Wolfgang Dahmen, Peter Binev Springer
Modeling of Magnetoelectric Effects in Composites Mirza Bichurin, Vladimir Petrov Springer
Modelling Electroanalytical Experiments by the Integral Equation Method Lesław K. Bieniasz Springer
Modelling the Dissociation Dynamics and Threshold Photoelectron Spectra of Smal… Jonelle Harvey Springer
Models, Mysteries and Magic of Molecules Jan C.A. Boeyens, J.F. Ogilvie Springer
Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry C. G. Vayenas, Ralph E. White, Maria E. Gamboa-Adelco Springer
Modern Aspects Of Electrochemistry Constantinos Vayenas, Ralph E. White, Maria E. Gamboa-Aldeco Springer
Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry Constantinos G. Vayenas, Ralph E. White, Maria E. Gamboa-Aldeco Springer
Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry B. E. Conway, C. G. Vayenas, Ralph E. White, Maria E. Gamboa-Adelco Springer
Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry No. 40 Ralph E. White, C. G. Vayenas, Maria E. Gamboa-Aldeco Springer
Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry No. 44 Mordechay Schlesinger Springer
Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry, No. 45 Ralph E. White Springer
Modern Charge-Density Analysis Carlo Gatti, Piero Macchi Springer
Modern Engineering for Design of Liquid-Propellant Rocket Engines David H. Huang , Dieter K. Huzel AIAA
Modern Food Microbiology James M. Jay, Martin J. Loessner, David A. Golden Springer
Modern Formal Methods and Applications Hossam A. Gabbar Springer
Modern Magnetic Resonance Graham A. Webb Springer
Modern NMR Methodology Henrike Heise, Stephen Matthews Springer
Modern Optical Spectroscopy William W. Parson Springer
Modern Organoaluminum Reagents Simon Woodward, Samuel Dagorne Springer
Modern Techniques for Characterizing Magnetic Materials Yimei Zhu Springer
Modern Techniques for Nano- and Microreactors/-reactions Frank Caruso Springer
Modified Cyclodextrins for Chiral Separation Weihua Tang, Siu-Choon Ng, Dongping Sun Springer
Modified Fibers with Medical and Specialty Applications J. Vincent Edwards, Gisela Buschle-Diller, Steven C. Goheen Springer
Molecular Aspects of Iron Metabolism in Pathogenic and Symbiotic Plant-Microbe … Dominique Expert, Mark R. O'Brian Springer
Molecular Beacons Chaoyong James Yang, Weihong Tan Springer
Molecular Catalysis of Rare-Earth Elements Peter W. Roesky Springer
Molecular Catalysts for Energy Conversion Tatsuhiro Okada, Masao Kaneko Springer
Molecular Chaperones Sophie Jackson Springer
Molecular Computing Nicholas G. Rambidi Springer
Molecular Conformation and Organic Photochemistry Rasmus Y. Brogaard Springer