CSIR-NAL Subscribed E-Books A-Z List

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E-Book Title E-Book Authors E-Book Publisher
Ice Cream H. Douglas Goff, Richard W Hartel Springer
ICGSCE 2014 Md Amin Hashim Springer
Identification of Ligand Binding Site and Protein-Protein Interaction Area Irena Roterman-Konieczna Springer
Ignitability and Explosibility of Gases and Vapors Tingguang Ma Springer
Il campione per l’analisi chimica Sabrina Moret, Giorgia Purcaro, Lanfranco S. Conte Springer
Image Processing of Edge and Surface Defects Roman Louban Springer
Imaging and Manipulating Molecular Orbitals Leonhard Grill, Christian Joachim Springer
Impact of Pollution on Animal Products Bernard Faye, Yuriy Sinyavskiy Springer
In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Studies of Carbon Nanotube Nucleation … Dai-Ming Tang Springer
In-situ Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Investigation of Transient Nanostructure o… Ahmad Zeinolebadi Springer
In-situ Studies with Photons, Neutrons and Electrons Scattering Thomas Kannengiesser, Sudarsanam Suresh Babu, Yu-ichi Komizo, Antonio J. Ramirez Springer
Inclusion Polymers Gerhard Wenz Springer
Industrial and Technological Applications of Transport in Porous Materials J.M.P.Q. Delgado Springer
Industrial Enzymes Julio Polaina, Andrew P. MacCabe Springer
Ingredients in Meat Products Rodrigo Tarté Springer
Injection and Mixing in Turbulent Flow Martin Summerfield AIAA
Innovations in Green Chemistry and Green Engineering Paul T. Anastas, Julie B. Zimmerman Springer
Innovative Superhard Materials and Sustainable Coatings for Advanced Manufactur… Jay Lee, Nikolay Novikov, Vladimir Turkevich Springer
Inorganic 3D Structures Angel Vegas Springer
Inorganic and Organometallic Macromolecules Alaa S. Abd-El-Aziz, Charles E. Carraher, Charles U. Pittman, Martel Zeldin Springer
Inorganic Chemistry in Tables Nataliya Turova Springer
Inorganic Membranes for Energy and Environmental Applications Arun C. Bose Springer
Insight into Designing Biocompatible Magnesium Alloys and Composites Manoj Gupta, Ganesh Kumar Meenashisundaram Springer
Instant Controlled Pressure Drop (D.I.C.) in Food Processing Tamara Allaf, Karim Allaf Springer
Instrumentation for Airbreathing Propulsion Allen E. Fuhs and Marshall Kingery AIAA
Integrated Navigation and Guidance Systems Daniel J. Biezad AIAA
Intellectual Property in the Food Technology Industry Ryan W. O¿Donnell, John J. O¿Malley, Randolph J. Huis, Gerald B. Halt, Jr Springer
Intelligent Hydrogels Gabriele Sadowski, Walter Richtering Springer
Intercept 1961: The Birth of Soviet Missile Defense Mike Gruntman AIAA
Interface Controlled Organic Thin Films Katharina Al-Shamery, Giles Horowitz, Helmut Sitter, Horst-Günter Rubahn Springer
Interfacial Electrochemistry Wolfgang Schmickler, Elizabeth Santos Springer
Interfacial Nanochemistry Hitoshi Watarai, Norio Teramae, Tsuguo Sawada Springer
Interfacial Phenomena in Electrocatalysis Constantinos G. Vayenas Springer
Interplay between Metal Ions and Nucleic Acids Astrid Sigel, Helmut Sigel, Roland K. O. Sigel Springer
Introduction to Agricultural Engineering Technology Harry L. Field, John B. Solie Springer
Introduction to Aircraft Flight Dynamics Louis V. Schmidt AIAA
Introduction to Corrosion Science Edward McCafferty Springer
Introduction to Dynamics and Control of Flexible Structures John L. Junkins and Youdan Kim AIAA
Introduction to Food Process Engineering P. G. Smith Springer
Introduction to Helicopter and Tiltrotor Flight Simulation Mark E. Dreier AIAA
Introduction to Ion Beam Biotechnology Yu Zengliang Springer
Introduction to the Control of Dynamic Systems Frederick O. Smetana AIAA
Introduction to the Design of Fixed-Wing Micro Air Vehicles Including Three Cas… Sergey V. Shkarayev , Peter G. Ifju , James C. Kellogg and Thomas J. Mueller AIAA
Introduction to Wine Laboratory Practices and Procedures Jean L. Jacobson Springer
Introductory Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics of Wings and Bodies: A Software-Bas… Frederick O. Smetana AIAA
Inventing Reactions Lukas J. Gooßen Springer
Investigating the Nucleation, Growth, and Energy Levels of Organic Semiconducto… Ajay Virkar Springer
Investigation of Reactions Involving Pentacoordinate Intermediates Peter A. Byrne Springer
Ion Beams in Materials Processing and Analysis Bernd Schmidt, Klaus Wetzig Springer
Ion Beams in Nanoscience and Technology Ragnar Hellborg, Harry J. Whitlow, Yanwen Zhang Springer