CSIR-NAL Subscribed E-Books A-Z List

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E-Book Title E-Book Authors E-Book Publisher
Electrostatic Propulsion David B. Langmuir , Ernst Stuhlinger and Jr. J. M. Sellen AIAA
Electrotechnologies for Extraction from Food Plants and Biomaterials Nikolai Lebovka, Eugene Vorobiev Springer
Elements of Continuum Mechanics Romesh C. Batra AIAA
Elements of Synthesis Planning R.W. Hoffmann Springer
Eleven Seconds into the Unknown Curtis Peebles AIAA
Ellipsometry of Functional Organic Surfaces and Films Karsten Hinrichs, Klaus-Jochen Eichhorn Springer
Emergence of Pico- and Nanosatellites for Atmospheric Research and Technology T… Wayne A. Shiroma , Purvesh Thakker AIAA
Emerging Compounds Removal from Wastewater Giusy Lofrano Springer
Emerging Non-Volatile Memories Seungbum Hong, Orlando Auciello, Dirk Wouters Springer
Emissive Materials Nanomaterials Abe Akihiro Springer
Emulsion-based Free-Radical Retrograde-Precipitation Polymerization Gerard Caneba, Yadunandan Dar Springer
Enantioselective Organocatalyzed Reactions I Rainer Mahrwald Springer
Enantioselective Organocatalyzed Reactions II Rainer Mahrwald Springer
Encapsulation Technologies for Active Food Ingredients and Food Processing N.J. Zuidam, Viktor Nedovic Springer
Encyclopedia of Applied Electrochemistry Gerhard Kreysa, Ken-ichiro Ota, Robert F. Savinell Springer
Encyclopedia of Colloid and Interface Science Tharwat Tadros Springer
Encyclopedia of Lubricants and Lubrication Theo Mang Springer
Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology Bharat Bhushan Springer
Encyclopedia of Polymeric Nanomaterials Shiro Kobayashi, Klaus Müllen Springer
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers Jan W. Gooch Springer
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers Jan W. Gooch Springer
Energetic Materials at Extreme Conditions David I.A. Millar Springer
Energy and Entropy Michael E. Starzak Springer
Energy Conversion for Space Power Nathan W. Snyder AIAA
Energy Transfer Dynamics in Biomaterial Systems Irene Burghardt, V. May, David A. Micha, E. R. Bittner Springer
Engineering Against Fracture Spiros Pantelakis, Chris Rodopoulos Springer
Engineering Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine Sujata K. Bhatia Springer
Engineering Flow and Heat Exchange Octave Levenspiel Springer
Engineering of Stem Cells Ulrich Martin Springer
Entropies of Condensed Phases and Complex Systems Christian Spickermann Springer
Entry Heating and Thermal Protection Walter B. Olstad AIAA
Entry Vehicle Heating and Thermal Protection Systems: Space Shuttle, Solar Star… Howard E. Collicott , Paul E. Bauer AIAA
Environment-Friendly Antiviral Agents for Plants Baoan Song, Linhong Jin, Song Yang, Pinaki S. Bhadury Springer
Environmental Analysis by Electrochemical Sensors and Biosensors Ligia Maria Moretto, Kurt Kalcher Springer
Environmental Chemistry Jorge G. Ibanez, Margarita Hernandez-Esparza, Carmen Doria-Serrano, Arturo Fregoso-Infante, Mono Mohan Singh Springer
Environmental Chemistry Jorge G. Ibanez, Margarita Hernandez-Esparza, Carmen Doria-Serrano, Arturo Fregoso-Infante, Mono Mohan Singh Springer
Environmental Engineering: Review for the Professional Engineering Examination Ashok Naimpally, Kirsten Sinclair Rosselot Springer
Environmental Technology in the Oil Industry Stefan T. Orszulik Springer
Environmentally Benign Catalysts Anjali Patel Springer
Environmentally Benign Photocatalysts Masakazu Anpo, Prashant V. Kamat Springer
Environmentally Friendly Alkylphosphonate Herbicides Hong-Wu He, Hao Peng, Xiao-Song Tan Springer
Enzymatic Polymerisation Anja R. A. Palmans, Andreas Heise Springer
Enzymatic polymerization of phenolic compounds by oxidoreductases Mohamed Ghoul, Latifa Chebil Springer
Enzyme Biocatalysis Andrés Illanes Springer
Enzyme-Catalyzed Synthesis of Polymers Shiro Kobayashi, Helmut Ritter, David Kaplan Springer
Epoxidations and Hydroperoxidations of α,β-Unsaturated Ketones Corinna Reisinger Springer
EPR of Free Radicals in Solids I Anders Lund, Masaru Shiotani Springer
EPR of Free Radicals in Solids II Anders Lund, Masaru Shiotani Springer
EPR Spectroscopy Malte Drescher, Gunnar Jeschke Springer
Equilibrium Between Phases of Matter M.H.G. Jacobs, H.A.J. Oonk Springer